Why Alternative Medicine?

Preventative Medicine
prevents disease.

Just a few decades ago the main causes of ill-health and death were infectious diseases such as plague, cholera, small pox and deficiency diseases like pellagra and scurvy.  Today, thanks to medical research and competent practice, these major problems are under control.

However, diseases of degeneration like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and stroke are increasing taking an increasing heavy toll.  This increase is due largely to a change in the daily work environment and sedentary lifestyle of movies and TV.  People lack necessary exercise, and "fast-food" technology lacks necessary nutrition, and increased stress from more complex living all add to the causes of these diseases.

The good news is this process can be reversed at any age, and at any stage.  By changing one's life-style, it is actually possible to create a more healthy next generation by balancing the body chemistry of parents
before conception.

The Alternative Medicine and Holistic Medical Center is dedicated to that principle! It is never too late...

...disease of degeneration like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke are increasing...

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