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The Youngest Saint
preaching ultimate spirituality

Om Swasta Sri

ri Sri Sri Appaji was the youngest Saint preaching ultimate spirituality.  He used to give messages even from his infancy.  Until he was 5 years old, he was using the body of his cousin, who was ten years old, as a surrogate during darshans. After age 5, he was speaking with his devotees directly. 

Appaji indicated that he would leave his body by age 22 to move on to his next project.   He graced our planet from 1972 to 1994.

Although he has no body, he will appear in dreams, visions, inspirations and voice to guide people in day to day affairs  as if he were here with his body.  Appaji is beyond time (kalathetha).  He  graces all regardless of country, color, race.

Appaji's Mission

ppaji's Ashrams continue his teachings and guide many people to continue his mission:

  • To help devotees find relief from the crushing miseries of everyday life, so that they may focus their minds on the higher purpose of life.
  • To elevate the morality of people in general.
  • To open several centers to promote health (in non-toxic ways), good habits, morality and spirituality.
  • To clarify the true meaning of the scriptures. The original scriptures were lost, and those available today have been rewritten many times. Sri Appaji has reinterpreted the scriptures and has advised people to be cautious about what was written.

ppaji gave messages from his infancy…

Sri Sri Sri Appaji
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