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t present, weekly medical clinics are conducted at Appaji's Ashrams. Periodically EYE-CAMPS are conducted and also  POLIO vaccine is given. Free food is also served.

There are future plans to develop  a holistic medical college and hospital.  This facility will include a post-graduate school accepting doctors from all over the world. Medical modalities such as allopathy, homeopathy ayurveda, Panchakarma (deep detoxification as a part of ayurveda) and unani system are planned.


ven though Appaji has left his body, he continues to come to those in need.  He continues to help them and guide them to live a full life.  The essence of the Guru is a living yogi.

Spiritual life style is taught to interested people, and information is made available about Appaji's message, devotes who have shared experiences with Appaji, and publications may be purchased.

A collection of 40 cassettes and 6 publications are available. For more information on events and products, contact one of the Ashrams

here are future plans to develop  a holistic medical college and hospital...

Sri Sri Sri Appaji
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