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here are six publications available in the KANNADA dialect (English translations will be available soon).

  1. Nudi Muthugalu (Selected Pearls), by Sri Appaji
  2. Nam Appaji, Biography by devotees; includes testimonials.
  3. Appaji En Appaji, Devotional poems on Appaji by Sampath M.D. and P.R.Gopinatha Rao
  4. Jayana Kanda Appaji, Experiences of Jayalakshmi with Sri Appaji by Jayalakshmi Sampath M.D.
  5. Naa Kanda Sathya, Comparitive studies of a few Avatars by Jayalakshmi Sampath M.D.
  6. Kambaniya Kodige, (available soon) by Jayalakshmi Sampath M.D.

Musical audio tapes have been produced by Sri G.V. Athri which include songs with orchestra, from poems written by Sampath,Gopinatha Rao, and Athri (As of December 1998 there are 40 tapes).

Publications and devotional tapes may be purchased through the Ashrams.

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"Sri Gita" Temple

he Sri Gita temple was built in 1994 by devotees and is staffed by volunteers.  Sri Gita activities include a free medical clinic to the needy. All activities are conducted by the
Sri Appaji Health and Welfare Trust in India. All social and spiritual works are the contributions of very dedicated volunteers from the Sri Mathrudvi Vishva Shanthi Ashram Trust under the guidance of Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi (Karunamayi), avatar of Saraswathi -- Goddess of Knowledge.

any devotees have contributed time and talent to honor Sri Appaji.

Sri Sri Sri Appaji
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