Claudia and Dave

Wedding - October 5, 2003

Brookside Gardens, Wheaton MD

Claudia in the Garden

Claudia looking beautiful

Claudia with son David and daughter Krysti

David and Krysti

Dapper Dave

Dave with daughter Kerry

Dave with brothers Ed and Bob

Krysti's beautiful smile!

Lovely Kerry


Bob and Gwen

Ed and Davidson

Claudia's sister Renee with David and Krysti

Claudia and Renee

Claudia and Krysti

Claudia and David

Dave talks to Bob and Gwen

Inez talks to Dave

Aldine talks to Dave

Steve and Denise (with Chris' back)

Karen what are you doing?

John at the piano

John and Ester with Dave

Inez and Bob

Awaiting the ceremony

Here they come?

Down the stairs

Into the Fragrence Garden

Gathering at the Gazebo

Dave and Claudia ministered by Ed

On the Right

On the Left

Everyone is there


The Georgous Bride